Vyvanse Coupon Savings Card

Vyvanse Coupon Savings Card 2017 Offer

Vyvanse Coupon Savings Card from Shire is a monthly copay card to help reduce Vyvanse costs.  This monthly card will reduce your copay by up to $60, that is after you pay the first $30.  Vyvanse will be billed to your RX insurance first, then any copay after the first $30 will be reduced by $60.  Example:

  • Your Copay is $45 – You will pay $30 – Vyvanse  Card will pay $15
  • Your Copay is $50 – You will pay $30 – Vyvanse  Card will pay $20
  • Your Copay is $90 – You will pay $30 – Vyvanse  Card will pay $60
  • Your Copay is $100 – You will pay $40 – Vyvanse  Card will pay $60

It’s just a simple registration to receive your Vyvanse Coupon.  You’ll be able to instantly print off your coupon offer for Vyvanse and start saving right away.  Along with other free information for Vyvanse.


Can’t Afford Vyvanse?

If you still can’t afford your ADHD medication, Vyvanse, even with the savings card there are other options.  Shire has made possible the Patient Assistance Program.  For those who qualify for the Vyvanse Patient Assistance Program you may pay little to nothing for Vyvanse.

Get more information on Vyvanse Patient Assistance Program (PAP)…..CLICK HERE

Register for the Vyvanse Coupon Savings Card……….CLICK HERE


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